Audio/Video Alternatives

Does a DLNA video-streaming A/V receiver exist? Also, some choices for adding a soundbar to a real home theatre system for everyday TV watching.

I want to update my very Sony that is old 5.1-channel receiver sometime quickly. The function that is primary looking for in a fresh model is the capability to stream video from a DLNA host for output over HDMI. I understand that numerous A/V receivers can stream music from a DLNA host, but I haven’t encounter a receiver that additionally specifies movie. I currently utilize a Sony Blu-ray player to get into video from my Computer and could continue with that method, but We’d prefer to know very well what, if any, video-streaming receivers are out here. Mark Thompson King George, VA

It is true that many a/V that is network-capable can stream sound via DLNA server pc software operating on a Computer or Mac, but ones that additionally claim to handle video are dramatically harder to find. Sony’s specifications for its top-of-the-line ES models recommend I have yet in the future across some other receivers that vow to do the same task that they can retrieve and render movie along with photos and audio via DLNA, but.

In this situation that is particular though, you need to be careful exactly what you want. Sound &Vision’s A/V receiver reviews usually make sure, in regards to to media streaming, the units test defectively compared with the inexpensive devoted media receivers available from Western Digital (WD TV Play and real time), Apple, yet others. The GUIs of A/V receivers are barren and difficult: to navigate, the performance that is streaming or spotty. For anyone reasons alone, it may be better to purchase a а/V that is basic without any networking at all and set it with an HDMI-connected media receiver that provides spiffy, dependable streaming and a graphically rich interface to navigate content. that’s howI really do it myself, generally there’s no shame in sticking with that technique as you know from experience, some Blu-ray players also are DLNA audio/video streamers .

We’d like to include a soundbar to increase the quality that is sound of TV watching, for which I don’t bother to turn on my home entertainment speakers. One issue: My TV utilizes the machine’s center-channel speaker as a base, and putting a soundbar in front side of that speaker isn’t an option. Any ideas? Steve Burbidge Minneapolis, MN

I got a few. You might install the club that is sound the wall over the television; most soundbars come with all the required hardware brackets doing simply that. Another option would be to get an A/V stand which includes both a separate rack for a center-channel presenter and space that is enough upper-shelf your TV and a soundbar. (Some newer soundbars are thin things, with a 3-inch or less case level.) Yet another choice: Buy a basetype soundbar including the people produced by Zvox Audio and pile both your system’s center speaker and the television at the top of it.

Stacking speakers might not appear like many solution that is elegant but i will guarantee it will satisfy your need certainly to enhance television noise for everyday viewing.

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